WSSN Wakefield School Sports Network 

A network of schools working together to provide sports opportunities for pupils across Wakefield through quality teaching, coaching and PE Co-ordination   

Wakefield School Sports Network currently delivers PE, After-school coaching, CPD, Competitions and a whole range of school sports to over 19 primary schools across Wakefield and beyond. If you would like to find about where we started and plans for the future click on link all about us or if you would like to get in touch to find out how we could support you please click on the link for contact details

Summer 18 Competition Calendar

Wakefield Junior Basketball Club 

April 2018

23/04/18 Football Match @ Holy Trinity

26/04/18 Year 5 Handball @ Ossett Academy

30/04/18 Year 4&5 Tennis @ Crofton Juniors

May 2018

14/05/18 Year 3&4 Non-Stop Cricket/Rounders @ Crofton Academy

21/05/18 Jez Horsley Football Competition @ Crofton Academy

21/05/18 Year 3&4 Football @ Southdale Juniors

23/05/18 Year 3&4 Scatterball Competition @ Southdale Juniors

June 2018

06/06/18 Waterton Trust MATlympics @ Sharlston

12/06/18 KS1 & 2 Sports Day @ St.Mary's

13/06/18 Year 5&6 Rounders @ Ossett Academy

18/06/18 Year 5 Rounders @ Shay Lane

19/06/18 LKS2 & UKS2 Sports Day @ Normanton Juniors

25/06/18 KS1 Sports Day @ Walton 

28/06/18 KS1 Sports Day @ Crofton Infants

July 2018

02/07/18 LKS2 & UKS2 Sports Day @ Crofton Juniors

02/07/18 Year 1 Fun Athletics @ Crofton Academy

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Year 5&6 Football Match Holy Trinity v Southdale

With the crowd gathering outside the main gate and the grass growing up to your ankles it was always going to be an exciting game of football. Both teams showed promise right from the kick off with attacking combination. Holy Trinity were the first on the score with a well taken strike which opened the flood gates for three more and with half looming Southdale eventually put together a lovely passing combination to blast the ball into the net. The second half started similar to the first with both team put a number of attacks together but it an Holy Trinity who finished the strongest adding three more goals to their total. Southdale never gave up and came close on a number of occasions. Final score Holy Trinity 7 Southdale 1. For more great photos click on the link Holy Trinity v Southdale

Waterton Trust Year 1&2 Benchball @ Lee Brigg

Year 3 Benchball @ Crofton Academy

None stop action in tonight Year 1&2 Benchball competition at Lee Brigg Infant School. Teams from Crofton Infants, Normanton Common, Walton, Cherry Tree Lane, Mill Dam and Lee Brigg throw, caught and moved into space throughout this exciting encounter. The competition was close and had to go down to a final round of games to decide the overall winner. Final positions were joint 5th Walton and Mill Dam, 4th Lee Brigg, 3rd Normanton, 2nd Cherry Tree and 1st Crofton Infant. Thanks to everyone involved including the young sports leaders from Normanton Common. More action photos at Year 1&2 Benchball @ Lee Brigg

A fantastic evening of throwing, catching and moving into spaces with our teams from Shay Lane, Crofton Juniors and Walton. Although it took a few teams a game to get into it all of a sudden it just took off with players demonstrating some amazing awareness of space. In a number of games it was a close affair with teams defending and attaching well but in the end it was Crofton Juniors who showed their passing skills to create a number of shooting opportunities to take the trophy home. Well done to everybody involved including our young sports leaders from Crofton Academy. More great photos at Year 3 Benchball @ Crofton Academy 

For more photos from competitions, events and matches from this year click on the link Photos from 2017/18

Schemes of Work

Schemes of Work
All our schemes of work are full tested through delivery and are constantly under development, adding and refining elements to make the best experience and opportunities fun and simple to teach. Have a look at some of the schemes below plus loads more lesson plans that are available by clicking on the link above.

Curriculum Activities

Wakefield School Sports Network continues to provide a full range of curriculum PE sessions from early years to key stage 4 including invasion games from football to rock-it-ball, striking and fielding activities from kwik cricket to softball, athletics skills coaching from sprinting to javelin, gymnastics techniques from curling to flight, multi-skills foundations from balance to catching and much more... All schemes of work have detailed lesson plans linked to National Curriculum POS's and delivered by qualified teachers and coaches.

After-School Clubs

Wakefield School Sports Network offers a range of after-school clubs to suit the whole of the primary and secondary age ranges from traditional sports like football, netball and rounders to alternative sports like Key Stage 1 multi-skills and striking and fielding, Key Stage 2 rock-it-ball and handball, Key Stage 3 basketball and much more...

All clubs are fully planned and delivered by qualified teachers or coaches with any specialist equipment and resources provided by Wakefield School Sports Network.

Activity Days
At Wakefield School Sports Network we pride ourselves on delivering something different be it a traditional whole school sports day, a nursery fun theme activity afternoon, building bridges inclusion day or a intra-key stage squareball competition we have the experience and resources to provide it.
Tournaments and Competitions
Competition is always at the forefront for what we do at Wakefield School Sports Network. If it is an end of session game, a final lesson in a scheme of work, an intra-school house competition or a inter-school football match we feel that providing the right atmosphere for competition is important. There is always a place for playing your best players but equally sport must be for all and mixed and fun tournaments play an active part in our competition framework.

Club Links and Out of School Activities

Our club links page at Wakefield School Sports Network seems to get the most hits with parents and pupils googling different sporting activity and finding our page to send them in the right direction. Please keep us informed of any clubs you send your pupils to and what you think of them.